You Used To Be On My Soap

It’s been so long since I posted here.  I’ve been sad that long.  I tried to get into other soaps and it’s been hard.  My love and dedication just isn’t there.  The closest I’ve come is watching Days of Our Lives because Kayla is back in town.

I have found joy in seeing some of my favorite actors branching out into other acting venues.

Seeing Susan Lucci do the Geico Commercials gave me a little chuckle.  “It’s called a nap Susan Lucci.”  Still laughing at that line.  Ms. Lucci’s career is still flourishing after the soaps.  She is selling her product line and still acting.  You do it Susan!!!

Erica Kane/Susan Lucci….

What an amazing character Erica Kane was on Daytime.  She was fabulous, sassy and a little crazy.  Everything we look forward too.

Dr. Josh Madden/Colin Egglesfield…

Josh Madden’s character bit it in the end but his heart was transplanted into his half-sister Kendall and to quote Celine Dion…His heart will go on, lol.  Colin has been acting regularly.  He was on Rizzoli and Isles and many other TV and Movies.  Besides being handsome he’s a wonderful actor.  Rock it Colin!!!

I miss you All My Children 🙂


Old Scratch Got His

Old Scratch got his and I kind of feel sorry for him.  Brian Frons is no longer President of ABC Daytime.  I’ve been watching the ratings on the new show “The Chew” and although numbers are higher they’ve lost that key group they want the 18-24 and 25-34 year old women.  Their numbers are only slightly higher than AMC in general.  The article I read did not mention the viewership on SoapNet or the Web numbers combined with the standard 1pm slot AMC once held.

Walt Willey aka Jackson Montgomery blogged about the failure of Prospect Park to cultivate AMC/OLTL for the web like they had initially wanted so now that project is dead as well.  I personally didn’t thing this would come to fruition due to the scale of the project and costs.  As Walt points out in his blog post it cost roughly 50 million dollars to produce AMC.  The numbers just aren’t there.  Perhaps if they had done the show on a small-scale with fewer players things would have worked out better.  They might have merged the two shows for a nice online format with a smaller cast.  But that dream is over.

I’ve been one of those people who was not a fan of Brian Frons.  Although I know he was a fan of the shows as much as we were he just tried too hard and made too many bad decisions for the shows that it led to the ultimate demise of our favorite fictional towns.  My largest complaint against him was he was he seemed to be micro managing the Soap Business and not focusing on the matters at hand…namely…ABC Daytime.

So much could have been done over the last 5 years that would have saved our shows.  Things like cutting the format to 1/2 hour shows or trimming the cast to major principles with extras like they did back in the early days.  Instead his great plan was to spend 10’s of millions of dollars to relocate AMC to California only to have it die off.

I have never wished ill will to Mr. Frons and I am sorry he lost his job.  But as Charles Dickens wrote in the beloved Christmas Carol….”Old Scratch got his.”

The Void

Dear Pine Valley Residents,

I tuned in to see you all but you weren’t there anymore.  I was sad and alone.  I miss you.

Love Always,


The Last Show

My critique of the last show has some ups and some downs.  And like a lot of the time I’m going to complain.  Sorry.

I loved the beginning with the children doing the opening monologue.  It was cute but when it was used later it was over done.  We all know it and after it was said once I thought that was enough because frankly if they insisted on using it over and over I would have preferred that they used the clips over the years of them saying it.  Remember 1995 on the 25th anniversary…Loved that one.

Erica and Jackson have had their ups and downs and I had great hope they would be together forever but I think the handling on this couple was spot on.  Jackson finally had enough of being second place in her life.  Frankly I do not blame him.  Remember when Erica dumped him because Jeff Martin came back to town and said Hi Erica and she swooned.  Dude Jack is uber hot…what where you thinking!!!  It was fitting his last line.  “Frankly Erica I don’t give a damn what you do”.  Walt is a genius and played it perfectly.

Erica...I have something to tell you...

The opening 10 minutes was endearing and I loved that it was narrated by Angie.  She brought great warmth to the storyline in the end with her blessings that David did the wrong things for the wrong reasons but they turned out to make them all remember what was most important beyond hate, revenge and contempt…love and family.  That dream we all wish for…if I could have five more minutes with the person I loved and lost.  Bringing Stuart back gave Adam that chance to ask for forgiveness.  Bringing Stuart back brought back Marian’s sanity and Scott’s hope.  Very poignant and well written.

I didn’t like the end with the drunken shot by JR.  After all that bringing people back from the dead they set off with a blank slate mystery of someone getting shot and possibly killed to fulfill the “maybe” future storyline of the show.  Boo hiss.  It was extremely miss placed in this last show and I would have rather seen a music montage for the farewell.  Anything but a possible murder.  It made me angry and that took away from my goodbye to the show as it always was…on TV for 41 years.

I understand that the show might possibly go on but they have that opportunity to make something fresh with the use of the online medium.  What if only one of these people sign up to do the new format show…how do you justify the cliff hanger.  So much could change when it crosses over and I for one hate loose ends.  If they steal the “It was all a dream” I would be very angry because they ruined my last moments with the fictional people I loved for that…no thank you.

So there you have it.  I loved 75% of the final show.  Thank you Agnes Nixon for 41 years of trials, tribulations, back stabbing, back from the dead, facial reconstruction, long lost twin, romance and love in the after noon.  It was an amazing run!

Mary Fickett…Ruth Has Gone Home

Sad news for all of the AMC fans.  Mary Fickett the original Ruth Brent Martin has passed away at the age of 83.

It’s so sad.

This is reminiscent of when Helen Wagner passed away just before the demise of As The World Turns.  My heart is aching 😦

The Future of AMC and OLTL

So I’ve been reading about what’s what with our shows.  Apparently OLTL is fairing better than AMC.  Ericka Slezak is on board for the online version of the show.  Which is wonderful since Viki Lord is the perfect soap character.   She’s got issues and drama but even with all of that she’s tender (love her with Todd) and she’s very protective of her family.  Love You!

Over at AMC it seems they weren’t able to get Ms. Susan Lucci to sign up for the online version of AMC.  I understand that they offered her the same salary but she wanted more time off and more projects.  Basically she wanted to be Tony Geary.  Unfortunately the days of sweet contracts like his (13 weeks on, 13 weeks off) are extremely scarce anywhere in TV.

But that aside I did agree with her comments about Brian Frons, ABC President of Daytime TV.  Not so much about the greed part because it’s business and unfortunately sometimes those decision while awful are the only decision to make.    However, he did not make the correct decision concerning the Soaps.  Sorry Fronzie…you blew it and we all know it.

I’ve felt this man has been a cluck for years!  He’s miss managed his programming for as long as I can remember.  Back in the year 2000’s he was messing up AMC directly.  As President of Daytime one would think him too busy to micro manage the actual programming.  He did the same thing by moving AMC to California.  Really the decision would have been shrinking the shows (smaller cast).  If he wanted to get rid of SoapNet fine.  But to tie the existing shows to that decision was lame.  Again I say if he had just waited to see what the impact on the shows would have been to the exit of SoapNet…he might have been very surprised by the surge in the numbers.  But it’s all or nothing.

As an adjusted TV viewer I would have to say there is nothing on any of the replacement shows that would make me want to watch them.  Will I turn to GH for my soap fix.  Maybe or maybe I’ll watch Y&R.  I only know this…if I want to watch food shows…I can watch the Food Network.  Just saying.

It seems to me the one they should have axed was Mr. Brian Frons.  Not unlike major company honchos…it doesn’t matter how incompetent you are…if they love you…you get to stay…and for a ton of cash!

I do have a shout out for Prospect Park for seeing a pool of viewers that they knew they could take a chance on.  Thank you!

Until We Say Goodbye…August

I’ve still not really prepared myself for the ultimate end of AMC and OLTL.  I thought I was but over the last few weeks I’ve been stressing more and more about it.  It’s like going away to college in  away.  You leave behind everything that is known and comforting and going into a void called the future.

This all hit home when last week I discovered that while on vacation I thought I was recording my shows but in essence I was recording crap.  Apparently the distinction of AM and PM is a real thing.  I seized a moment because I discovered I missed Gillian’s return.  Instead of seeing one of my favs make her homecoming I got some Jimmy Kimmel thing. hurt.

This just sucks!

Romance is in the Air!

I was thinking a lot about some of the most romantic couples on AMC.  I know the young folks who didn’t get to experience AMC back in the 70’s and 80’s first hand would be more likely to gravitate towards couples like Zendall or Rylee.  But way before these couples there was Phoebe and Langley.  In modern speak does that make them Phangley?

I loved these two.  They just were made for each other.  He was a grifter she was a wealthy unloved lady.  Of course they were destined to fall in love.  Phoebe married the man she was supposed to…he was a doctor.  Dr. Charles Tyler was a picture perfect husband…except for that part were he fell in love with his secretary Ms. Mona Kane.  But that sort of thing happens all the time.

Poor Phoebe was forced to be a manipulative bitch because she didn’t want to give up her life to likes of Mona Kane.  After all was said and done Phoebe had her money, title, and gigantic house to keep her distracted.  That was until Langley Wallingford stepped into her life.  Okay his name was really Lenny Wlasuk but for Phoebe and all of us watching he would forever be Langley.

They sure were fun to watch.  These two were the real deal with love in the afternoon and I sure do miss them.

Great News!

When I read that SMG or as she is also known as Sarah Michelle Gellar was coming back to AMC for the big farewell I was thrilled to pieces!  I heart her!  The complication is of course that on of my other Favs is Alicia Minshew who of course is now playing Kendall.

SMG will probably come back as another character and I’ve not read who yet but I think it would be awesome if she played Julia.  IRL she and Eva LaRue (Maria Santos Grey) are BFF’s so it would be really awesome to see them have some scenes together.

I know the rumors that the show is moving to TV again are circulating and I’ve been asked by many what were my thoughts.  Honestly, I think it would be great if it happened but since there aren’t any firm lateral plans I haven’t much hope.  This is exactly where I was when As The World Turns and Guiding Light were dropped by CBS/P&G.  The hope that sprang eternal but was crushed by TPTB.  I think that if they can sell it to a channel like Lifetime, WE, Oxygen or Hallmark that would be awesome.  I would tune in everyday.

As it stands the actors are hesitant to sign contracts with Prospect Park without actually knowing what will happen with the show.  They have bills like the rest of us and will need to find work now like millions of other Americans who are unemployed.

When I found out that Prospect Park bought the rights to AMC and OLTL I was over the moon.  I love their show Royal Pains and thought there was a chance they might combine the two shows for one “Peyton Place” type of show.  Whether on the web or on TV it could be great.  I know that combining the two shows would be hard for some fans but over the years the shows have been linked in many ways from location to characters to cross over storylines.  Do you all remember when Paul Martin was Viki’s Lawyer?  It was awesome!

To make one complete show from the two would also give us newer, fresher S/L’s.  Could you imagine Erica against Niki Smith?  That would be fun.

So I’ll sit and wait with the rest of Soapdom and hope and wish that our shows will live on.  I also hope that General Hospital and all the other remaining soaps numbers skyrocket!  That will show TPTB how they underestimated the Soap Fan!

Paging Dr. Maria Santos Grey

Eva LaRue is the latest Alumnae to return to Pine Valley…Yeah!
I’m hoping for some others to come home to say goodbye.  It’s too bad that they Retired Joe from the hospital…it would have been a great way of sending the show off as Joe goes into retirement and so does AMC.  Oh well…Kate, Taylor, Candace…I hope to see you too 🙂